Picture Day

Picture days at Debbie Felton's Academy of Dance are March 5, 12 and 19th, 2023 - please look below to identify the group photo time; we request every dancer come take a photo with their dance class. 
Information for individual photos after group photos will be coming home soon!

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to assigned picture time.

Arrive completely dressed in costume with hair and make-up (if wearing for pictures) done

You can view the hair/shoes/tights expectations for each dance by clicking here and scrolling to your class day/time.

Hair Suggestions


HAIR: Styles will be identified by teachers on the class page. Please refer to this page if you are unsure of what the style means. If your child has more than one dance class please ask teachers if concerned about hairstyles prior to recital.

1) Hair off the face: ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE HAIR OFF THE FACE, regardless of the hairstyle. This is very important onstage! Bobby pins may be necessary; however, if the hair is wet and gel applied, it will help to keep it sufficiently off the forehead (no bangs).

2) Hair in a Bun (especially for all Cecchetti Ballet Classes!): On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable. After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and secure with hair elastic into a ponytail at the back crown of the head. Sometimes the instructor will ask for a low bun down and at the nape of the neck, however, commonly one wants to see the bun top when looking directly at the dancer. Then, depending upon the length of the hair, twist in a circle around the elastic and secure all loose ends with bobby pins until there are no loose or unsecured areas of the bun. You may need more bobby pins for areas above ears or at the nape of the neck. Apply the headpiece or hat as instructed by the teacher. There are some nets, or bags that help with very long hair, but for the most part the manual method above is simple and reliable. THE SECRET: Work on very damp hair that is wet with gel. Then, let the hair dry after it has been put into the bun. Hairspray may be necessary even if enough gel has been applied.

Video for a bun seen here.

Feel free to use your own video tutorials as well!

3) Hair ½ up ½ down: Use the same method as above for the forward part of the hair that will be pulled up into the ponytail ONLY. Most of the time, the hair is just pulled in the ponytail and hangs with a ribbon or headpiece secured as instructed. Let all loose hair hang without gel applied so it will look natural. You may use light hairspray if necessary.

4) Ponytail: On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable. After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and secure with a hair elastic into a ponytail at the back crown of the head. Sometimes the instructor will ask for a low ponytail down and at the nape of the neck. Side ponytails should be on the crown of the head on the specified side.

5) Braids: On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable. After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and into braid. There may be a single braid, double braids or French braids requested. Any questions regarding the method or style of hair required for your piece, please ask your instructor.

The main points to remember:

a) Hair off of face - a must b) Work with damp hair, gel, hairspray c) Have Fun!!!

Makeup Suggestions

MAKEUP: Makeup may be applied at your discretion for children under age 12, however, under the bright lights, facial features wash out and makeup helps the audience to see the dancer's faces more clearly. Good stage makeup will look very exaggerated, dramatic and bold.

We suggest:

1) BASE: (foundation) is not necessary for most very young children, however, if you use it yourself and are comfortable applying a light cover, you may. Just be careful when putting a costume on, as it is easy to soil it with foundation, etc. Use foundation only if you are comfortable with it.

FOR ALL TEENS/ADULTS: Please apply a light toned foundation as a base for your makeup. Use hypo- allergenic if necessary. Base is necessary for mature students to even out the skin tone on the face. Apply only on full face down to but not including the neck area. Let dry thoroughly before proceeding:

2) EYE SHADOW: Use light colored eye shadow only. Dark colors make eyes disappear. Compliment the costume! Colors are not necessary, however, pale pastel colors in any shade will do: For example, nude to white, very light green/blue/lilac. Go easy with browns, however, for teens and adults if you know how to apply a brown accent line you may at the crease of eye, however be careful for dark shades on lids or up to area under brow are inappropriate. A light highlight shadow from eyelid to eyebrow is desirable.

3) EYELINER: Please use a dark brown/black pencil liner along lower lid of eye just below where the lashes grow on lower lid, just above lashes on upper lid. If the child is too young to handle this application, you may omit it. For all children age 8-older, please be certain to have eyes lined.

4) EYEBROW PENCIL: Please use a medium brown pencil for eyebrows only if the hair color is very light and looking directly at the face of the dancer the eyebrow is not clearly defined. If eyebrows are dark enough naturally, no pencil is necessary.

5) MASCARA: Please apply thick layer of heavy black mascara to upper and lower lids, however, this may not be tolerated by very young students and you may get by with just liner or light mascara.

6) BLUSH: Apply rose or coral blush to hollow of check only - NOT over the cheekbone itself: Have dancer suck in cheeks and apply blush to area of the check that concaves. Enough blush should be applied to bring color to shadowed soft part of the cheek leaving the area over the cheekbone light and not colored at all.

7) LIPSTICK: Bright red lipstick is the only real color that is appropriate on stage. If the costume color is bright pink - a very deep hot pink lipstick would be a better choice. For all other costume colors, a bright red lipstick is best.

This is your Picture Time                      This is your Class, Day & Time

9:00am                                                         Large Group Jazz Team, Saturday 11:30 (24)

9:30am                                                         Pre-Cecchetti Ballet, Monday 5:25 (11)

9:45am                                                        Creative Movement, Friday, 4:15 (5)

9:55am                                                        Ballet Level 1 4-6, Monday 4:15 (11)

10:10am                                                    Cecchetti Grade 4 Ballet, Monday 3:30 (8)

10:20am                                                    Premiere Dance Team, Friday 6:00 (8)

10:30am                                                    Adult Tap, Tuesday, 7:20 (15)

10:50am                                                   Intermediate Lyrical Team, Tuesday 8:30 (10)

11:05am                                                   Jazz 1 8-12. Monday 7:05 (8)

11:20am                                                  Jazz 2 5-7 Tuesday, 6:10 (13)

11:35am                                            Creative Movement, Saturday, 9:15 (10)

11:50am                                            Large Group Hip Hop Team, Saturday,10:30 (16)

12:15pm                                           Small Group Hip Hop Team, Saturday 12:30 (9)

12:30pm                                           Lunch               

1:00pm                                             Pre- Pointe Ballet, Wednesday, 8:30 (10)

1:15pm                                           Tap 2 5-7 Tuesday, 5:35 (13)

1:30pm                                             Creative Movement, Monday, 3:30 (7)

1:45pm                                             Jazz Level 1 4-6, Friday 5:30 (7)

1:55pm                                             Intermediate Jazz Team, Tuesday 8:30 (10)

2:05pm                                             Adult Jazz/Jazz Funk, Tuesday 8:30 (11)

2:20pm                                         Intro to Hip Hop 5-7, Monday 6:30 (11)

2:35pm                                             Lyrical 8-12, Monday, 4:30 (5)

 2:45pm                                             Cecchetti Grade 2 Ballet, Monday 5:30 (6)

2:55pm                                             Large Group Tap Team, Monday 8:20pm (13)

3:15pm                                             Ballet Level 2 5-7, Tuesday 5:00 (15)

3:35pm                                             Tap Level 1 4-6, Monday, 4:50 (13)

3:50pm                                             Ballet Level 1 4-6, Friday, 4:55 (12)

4:05pm                                             Tap 3 Monday 6:30, (13)

4:20pm                                             Jazz 2 8-12 Monday 6:30, (13)

4:55pm                                             Tap 4/5 Monday 7:30, (8)

5:05pm                                             Hip Hop 2 Monday 5:30 (7)

5:15pm                                             Musical Theater 8-12 Monday 7:30, (14)

This is your Picture Time                     This is your Class, Day & Time

9:00am                                              Large Group Lyrical Team, Tuesday 4:30 (14)

9:20am                                              Hip Hop Level 1 8-12, Wednesday 7:05 (10)

9:35am                                              Cecchetti Ballet Grade 1, Tuesday 4:30pm (10)

9:45am                                              Tap Level 2 5-7, Wednesday 5:25 (10)

10:00am                                            Cecchetti Ballet Grade 5, Wednesday 3:30 (3)

10:10am                                            Lyrical 11-18, Wednesday 8:00 (5)

10:20am                                            Lyrical 8-12, Tuesday 5:30 (8)

10:35am                                            Ballet 2 5-7, Wednesday 6:35 (14)

10:55am                                            Cecchetti Ballet Grade 3, Wednesday 5:30 (6)

11:05am                                            Intro to Hip Hop 5-7, Wednesday 6:30 (12)

11:20am                                            Senior Lyrical Team, Thursday 8:30 (10)

11:35am                                            Jazz 2 5-7 Wednesday 6:00, (14)

11:55am                                            Cecchetti Ballet Grade 2, Wednesday 5:30 (9)

12:10pm                                           Lg. Grp. Musical Theater Team, Tuesday 5:30 (15)   

1:00pm                                             Intermediate Pointe Wednesday 4:30 (5)

1:10pm                                             Advance Pointe Wednesday 4:30 (10)

1:25pm                                        Jazz 2 8-12, Wednesday 7:10 (6)

1:35pm                                             Musical Theatre 11-14 Thursday 8:30 (8)

1:45pm                                             Cecchetti Ballet Grade 1 Wednesday 6:30 (13)

2:05pm                                           Tap 7/8, Thursday 4:30 (15)

2:25pm                                             Jazz 1 11-14, Thursday 4;30 (10)

2:40pm                                             Pre-Cecchetti Ballet 8-12, Thursday 5:30 (9)

2:55pm                                             Jazz 2 11-16, Thursday 4:30 (13)

3:15pm                                             Senior Jazz Team, Thursday 8:30 (10)

3:30pm                                             Cecchetti Ballet Grade 1, Thursday 6:30 (10)

3:45pm                                             Advance Musical Theatre, Thursday 6:30 (9)

4:00pm                                             Musical Theatre 8-12, Thursday 7:30 (13)

4:20pm                                             Tap 8-12, Tuesday 6:30 (11)

4:35pm                                             Dad/daughter Show 1, Sunday 4:30 (12)

4:50pm                                             Dad/daughter Show 2, Sunday 5:00 (12)

This is your Picture time      This is your Class, Day & Time

9:30am                                              Solos, Duos, Quads (23)

10:10am                                            Tap 2 5-7, Friday 6:50 (7)

10:20am                                            Ballet 1 4-6, Saturday 9:50 (11)

10:35am                                            Tap 6, Thursday 5:30 (10)

10:50am                                            Hip Hop11-14, Thursday 5:30 (13)

11:10am                                            Small Group Contemporary Team, Friday 4:00 (5)

11:20am                                            Junior Jazz Team, Friday 5:30 (6)

11:30am                                            Ballet 2 5-7, Friday 6:15 (11)

11:45am                                            Pre-Cecchetti Ballet 8-12, Saturday 9:30 (6)

11:55am                                            Tap 1 4-6, Saturday 10:25 (10)

12:10pm                                           Hip Hop 1 8-12, Thursday 6:30 (10)

12:20pm                                           Hip Hop 14 & up, Thursday 7:30 (6)

12:30pm                                           Lunch

1:00pm                                             Production Class, Saturday 3:00 (34)

1:40pm                                             Jazz 1 8-12, Saturday 10:30 (10)

1:55pm                                             Jazz 2 5-7, Friday 7:25 (7)

2:05pm                                             Jazz 1 4-6, Saturday 11:00 (6)

2:15pm                                             Junior Lyrical Team, Friday 5:30 (6)

2:25pm                                         Cecchetti Ballet Grade 6, Tuesday 3:15 (5)

2:35pm                                             Hip Hop 1 8-12, Friday 7:00 (8)

2:50pm                                             Intro to Hip Hop, Friday 6:30 (11)

3:05pm                                             Tap 3 / 4, Saturday 11:30 (5)

3:10pm                                             Tap 8-12, Saturday 11:35 (7)

3:20pm                                             Dfad faculty, (11)

3:30pm                                             Assistants, (11)

3:40pm                                             Dad/Daughter, Show 3. Sunday 5:30 (12)